Magento Imports + Exports


We. Are. The. Experts. Modelic is able to leverage over 20 years of data experience.

  • Having problems moving your store?

  • Magento exports and/or Magento imports not working?

  • Online Magento Tools failing?

  • Tired of managing Magento extensions?

  • Looking for a more professional group to work with?

Keeping your Magento data correct and healthy is paramount in today's world of big data and customer retention. Don't settle or cut corners with other groups. Work with a team you can trust.

We understand that getting the data right is key to maintaining a proper functioning Magento store. We have taken the time to understand what it takes to work within the system and beyond. We work past the limitations of Magento’s built-in capabilities to provide you with real solutions that you can own.


Magento Product Imports


Magento offers multiple ways to create and group products. We can help determine the best configuration and route (or re-route) your Magento data accordingly. Need more information? Give some of our Magento Import articles a read.

Moving From Magento to Bigcommerce?

If you are moving TO or FROM a SAAS platform, we have you covered there as well. Our experience in Volusion, Shopify and Bigcommerce make the transition even easier.


Importing, Exporting, Mapping + Management


During the Magento import, we can map Magento data to the maximum level of granularity, allowing results that preserve history (customer, order, product) and detail while making best use of Magento’s typically more rich data structures. This is what companies come to us for.  It's relaxing knowing we are there for you.


Other Magento Data Services


Magento to Bigcommerce

Sometimes Magento is just too much overhead for smaller stores. If the maintenance and continual development is just too much for you please make contact. Our certified Bigcommerce experts will help you migrate and export all your Magento data over to Bigcommerce.

Magento Data Transformation

We can perform large-scale data transformations that would be daunting or even infeasible using the Magento admin. This is key when a business grows organically, only to hit a wall created by early decisions about how to classify, group and/or configure products. We can make bulk transitions that solve these problems in a standardized way that vastly cuts data entry and QA hours.

Magento Data Auditing

When there are questions about data integrity, or a new perspective is needed, we can output your Magento data in a format that is tailored to the requirements of the situation.

As these processes become more complex, it is vital to be able to deliver intermediate reporting in a format suitable for review by key stakeholders. Moreover, it is important for us to be able to incorporate their feedback efficiently and demonstrate results.