BigCommerce Theme Experts

We use BigCommerce Stencil for all our SAAS (software as a service) hosted projects which allows us to focus on delivering the best results for our clients. We are able to maximize our resources more efficiency while leveraging our expertise by concentrating our efforts on only one SAAS platform – BigCommerce.

We are also recognized BigCommerce enterprise partners and certified BigCommerce theme developers which translates into we know our stuff!

Custom Bigcommerce Themes

Due to the flexibility of the BigCommerce theme framework, we can create high-end, completely customized experiences for our clients.

This difference allows you to separate your company from the crowd and highlight your services and products effectively.

Lastly, since BigCommerce is a software as a service, you can spend more time marketing your beautiful business and less time with development costs and maintenance.

Bigcommerce Costs

Costs are directly built from client requirements.

This includes but is not limited to logos, branding, copywriting, design cycles, Bigcommerce theme functions and third party plugins.

A custom Bigcommerce theme not only requires thinking about the design+code, it also requires a very solid commitment to learning your business and how it works — that’s exactly what Modelic brings.

Please contact us with your Bigcommerce requirements and we will be glad to give you a time and cost estimate.