That's It.

That's It.

The That's It Fruit was looking for a seasoned Bigcommerce development team to manage their aggressive needs. Having a fairly large distribution channel in airports and big stores, it was incredibly important that both teams have frequent stand-ups where they could quickly discuss their roadmap and create frequent updates.


_Platform and business support
_Development (strategy and roll-out)

Development Strategy

The complex code library for That's It needed an audit, a clean-up and a strategy for ongoing Bigcommerce development. Using Jira we had to clearly communicate the solutions and properly test out each and every function. This involved quite a bit of refactoring so the That's It folks would have a healthy and productive environment on which to successfully run their store.

That's It Fruit Company


Bigcommerce Stencil Back-end

Keeping the administrative back-end breezy was also a key component of the project scope which made Bigcommerce an easy choice. With a clear separation of administrative work flows and actual template code we empowered the client to take control of their business layer.

That's It Store Locator


With Bigcommerce and Stencil as a framework this part of the project was incredibly smooth. We gathered their mobile requirements and worked them into the mobile view with ease.

Thats It Logo

We continue to work with the That's It daily on all their exciting new development requirements.