Rock Exotica

Rock Exotica was looking for a deep design refresh along with a new team to manage their development strategies. It was incredibly important to their team that a new design clearly communicate vital information for their product line.


_Content strategy
_Magento development strategy
_New user interface and UX audits

Content is King

Displaying all the product information in a systematic yet palatable way was critical for the business. There were multiple layers that needed to be clearly outlined and laid out for the user. This was based on various safety, manufacturing and design requirements. After a thorough warehouse tour in Salt Lake City we thoroughly understood what exactly needed to be communicated and how.  We spent a few weeks carefully testing layout options both internally and for their audience.



Magento Development Strategy

We needed to sit down with the Rock Exotica crew and determine what their back-end needs were as far as updating the content for Magento and their corresponding web services. There was a lot of content here and we didn't want to be the bottleneck for content updates. We finally decided on a hybrid approach to the CMS area in Magento. This gave them a solid set of flexible content areas all the while adhering to various template rules in order to maintain the design.


Rock Exotica-Phone-White-Frontal-Mockup-Cropped-FLAT-WHITE.jpg

The UX

With Magento as a framework we gathered specific mobile requirements and then deployed Bootstrap as a solution for many of those requirements. Now customers could seamlessly toggle between various devices.



When the folks over at Rock Exotica needs custom development they know who to contact.