Graphic Audio

Graphic Audio

One of our longest running Enterprise relationships to date. We have worked with Graphic Audio for years and enjoy helping them grow and become the best version they can be in the audio book space.


_Magento front-end development
_Magento back-end development
_Mobile design and UX auditing
_Security and maintenance

Magento Attributes

The data for this client is quite complex due to the storage, cataloging and distribution of all the audio files. After a lot of joint discovery and research we were able to deliver on the clients robust set of audio requirements; tangible sales, download sales, sampling and even a recurring subscription model.

Audio Books


Magento Back-end Development

Customers wants options and they want the path of least resistance when buying. Our goal with the app development was to create a seamless user workflow from the 3rd party app. This meant digging far into the code library to support an API with a focus on speed, reliability and security. Graphic Audio can now sample and offer users faster download/streaming options. This lead to a big uptick in conversions and user confidence.



With Magento Enterprise as a framework we continue to deploy mobile first designs and features that support desktop and their new 3rd party streaming /subscription application.

Graphic Audio Logo

Year after year, we continue to work with the Graphic Audio folks on all their features. Productive, long term partnerships are so vital to the success of ecommerce.