Cinelli USA

Cinelli USA

The folks over at Cinelli really needed to put something into play quickly. We had to work efficiently yet carefully to meet their aggressive timeline.


_Migration strategy
_New Bigcommerce Back-end
_New user interface
_Client education

Migration Strategy

The data sets for this brand had to be carefully extracted from a fairly large database. We had to map all the proprietary options from one system over to Bigcommerce. This involved quite a bit of client education as well since they have always been B2B and were making the leap into the B2C world.

Cinelli Bikes


Bigcommerce Stencil Back-end

Keeping the administrative back-end breezy was also a key component of the project scope which made Bigcommerce an easy choice. With a clear separation of administrative work flows and actual template code we empowered the client to take control of their business layer.

Cinelli Bikes Locator


With Bigcommerce and Stencil as a framework this part of the project was incredibly smooth. We gathered their mobile requirements and worked them into the mobile view with ease.

Cinelli USA Logo

We continue to work with the Cinelli USA marketing group for their quarterly feature requests.