WallFlower Jeans

The venerable Mamiye Brothers group, which has supplied a wide variety of retailers with apparel for decades, wanted to test the B2C waters. In order to facilitate this move they came to Modelic for options. Bigcommerce stood out as an ideal choice for all their licensed brands. This site was the first iteration in line of roll-outs.


_B2C Strategy
_New Bigcommerce Back-end
_New user interface
_Client education

Robust Marketing Strategy

One of the most challenging and rewarding parts of the project was integrating their social marketing applications into Bigcommerce. Third-party apps all don't speak the same language so having them all play together while educating the client on all the pieces was a complex part of the project. End result? Huge uptick in customer interactions.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.47.54 AM.png


Bigcommerce Stencil Back-end

Keeping the administrative back-end easy to control was key within the project scope. With a clear separation of administrative work flows and actual template code in Bigcommerce, we empowered the client to take control of their business layer.



With Bigcommerce and the new Stencil framework, this part of the project was incredibly smooth. We gathered their responsive requirements and worked them into the mobile view with ease.


We continue to work with the WallFlower Jeans marketing group along with the entire Mamiye Brothers team.