Olympic Eyewear

– Magento migration strategy
– Branding and identity
– New user interface and UX audits
– Magento functional rollouts & testing

Olympic Eyewear was coming off a long haul with a legacy cart and needed a new stable and scalable platform to grow with. Tired of being hamstrung by limits they came to us with questions – we gave them answers.

Olympic Eyewear-Tablet-Mockup-Composite-1200.jpg

Olympic Eyewear is a Premier Wholesale Sunglasses Distributor carrying 1000s of Styles, Designs & Brands from $16 up.


Magento Migration

The data for this client was quite massive and rather complex due to all the legacy development. After many weeks of discovery and planning we carefully removed all the necessary data and mapped it to a new set of Magento attributes. Creating the structures was a necessary first step before any design could be done.

Olympic Eyewear-Desktop-Mockup-X.jpg

Magento Development

Due to this B2B focus we were tasked with developing a custom set of business critical features that help drive those bulk buying decisions from the B2B crowd. Along with a new and faster way to shop we also cleaned up and automated the checkout funnel for logged in customers. Reducing the noise and amount of work their customers had to do was paramount for Olympic Eyewear.



With Magento as a framework we gathered specific mobile requirements and then deployed Bootstrap as a solution for many of those requirements. Now retailers could easily toggle between various devices during ordering.


Year after year, we continue to work with the Olympic Eyewear folks on all their features. Productive, long term partnerships are so vital to the success of ecommerce.